Friday, 6 September 2013

Make your own wifi hotspot without any software!!!!

So friends I am back here with another new trick. This trick will again save you all the troubles of downloading any software or the hassles related to them!!! Here we talk of turning your laptop into a wi-fi hotspot without any third party software in a few easy steps!!!

Now we all know how important and life saving wi-fi hotspots can be,so this is guide to build yourself one.

Well to start all we need is a wi-fi enabled laptop running windows 7 or 8(if you are still using xp,then find someone with win 7 or 8 )

First of all you will need to start cmd(command prompt) as an administrator.
Next type in the following code:
                          netsh wlan show drivers
You will see a window like this

If the highlighted portion shows a "yes" in your case ,then you are good to go!!!

Now punch in the following code:
         netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=nameOfwifiHotspot key=yourpassword
This command will make the hotspot. The name of the hotspot will be the text in the ssid field and the password in the key field. Press enter the hotspot will be created.
You would now see something like this :

In the above example ,the name of the hotspot is "abcd" and the password is "qwertyasd".

Now to start the hotspot, type in :
                                                     netsh wlan start hostednetwork
Press enter and the hotspot would be visible to others also.

So we have a hotspot now,but it still does not have any internet access. for this we would need to share internet access from an active connection to it.

For this ,open control panel and go to network and sharing center.
On the left hand side ,select  "CHANGE ADAPTER SETTING"(shown below in black)

You can also see the hotspot you just created named abcd.

Now in the window that comes up next,select the network you are using in my case it is Airtel Internet,right click on it and go to properties. Under the sharing tab select the checkboxes as shown in the image below.
In the home networking connection select the hotspot you just created and click ok!!
That's it !!! YOu are done and now have your own wi-fi hotspot!!! 
The password would be the same that you put in cmd.
If in any case you are not able to access the internet,it may be due to a firewall or an antivirus blocking.
Remove it and enjoy!
Hope you liked it,leave your comments below.......


  1. Thanks a ton for posting this.....I've looking for such trick for a while now (you know what lifesavers hotspots are at times :-p ) but found almost nothing online..... Internet seems to be flooded with rather redundent solutions.... Soo thanx for digging this out

  2. my pleasure abbas bhai
    happy to help :)


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