Monday, 1 October 2012

bypassing windows password

A few days ago i was in my college hostel(illegally of coure!) and my friend was fighting with his room mate for system(windows) password.
If he knew this method he wouldn't have argued then. this post is dedicated to u.
Download Hirens boot cd from
First of all lets learn about windows password management a bit.
 Windows first encrypts the password using some algorithm and then saves it to a Sam file.This sam file is locked and no user account including the administrator can use this file.This file is located in windows/system32/config.
Steps to use Hirens Boot CD to Hack Windows Password:-
1 ) Download the zip file from the above link.
2 ) Extract it.
3 ) There will be a .iso file . Burn that file to cd using nero/poweriso or anyother software you have.
4 ) Boot using this cd ie insert this cd in CD-Rom and restart [Make sure that cd-rom has the highest boot priority]
5 ) After booting ,It will show a menu , Choose “Mini windows xp”.It will take some time to launch.
6 ) After it is finished ,You will be having a windows classic style desktop.
7 ) Click on start>>Hiren boot cd menu [HBCD menu]
8 ) It will open a dialogue box,click on “Menu” >>click on “password and keys”, there you will be having a list of softwares,click on “”Password renew”".
9 ) Now click on select target ,Browse to your windows ie “c:windows” and press ok.
10 ) Click on “Renew exisiting user password” and then choose the Your user account .
11 ) Enter the desired password and hit install.
12 ) You are now done just restart Your pc and login using your new password.
Prevention :
In the Bios settings set the minimum boot priority for removable devices . In this way the CD?DVD/USB wont boot and the method specified above wont work . Also set the password at the BIOS  so no one will be able to change the Boot settings .
Note: this could also be done by oprhack but the rainbow tables are lengthy and some times inefficient

Ever wondered what is a live cd?
 Live cd is a cd/dvd or any other portable media containing bootable o.s.These media have the unique ability to run operating system without altering the files and operating system installed on the hard disk of the pc.
It generally places it files in the Ram[random access memory ,volatile memory],so when a pc is rebooted all it files are deleted automatically.


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