Friday, 12 October 2012

Hack netsetter

This particular hack will pakka save your visit to gaffar mkt/nehru place/naka hindola etc and also you money and time.
Many companies have launched their net setters and its really irritating that u can use only that sim in the set. What we will be doing is breaking the code and so as to use any sim. here we have taken idea netsetter , which uses a huawei device.

Step 1 : Download UNIVERSAL MASTER CODE  and install it.
Step 2 : Open your USB modem's back , you will see a 15 digit number .That’s your modem’s MEID number .Write it down somewhere.
Step 3 : Install the downloaded software and then click on Universal Master Code.exe
Step 4 : In the MEID number field of Universal Master Codetype , enter the MEID number which you have already stored and press calculate.
It will generate a flash and unlock code.
Step 5 : Now put a non IDEA SIM and connect your USB IDEA net setter and install net setter software from there and run it and also
It will ask you for unlock code ,  put the unlock code generated from universal master code
And press enter. Now u have unlocked your IDEA net setter.
Now for creating new profile go to Tools > Options > Profile Management and click new
Type APN supported by your sim (eg – for TATA DOCOMO use TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET )
Thats the end of netsetter slavery.


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