Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hack remote system

Hello Guys!!!!!!!!!! I am back again! and this time with a new trick!
First of all apologies for being idle so long. Was busy in other stuffs but here i am,with something not so new but very good..

You must have seen in movies or heard that cops trace the i.p address of the snder. To know what is ip,visit my previous blog on i.p addresses
Now,assuming u have a fair idea of i.p addresses we move on.
In this trick, i would be using Yahoo! messenger and our beloved cmd
So for starters,lets have some theory part

Whenever u chat with someone,the service provider acts as amask between u and the other party. It hides your information from him and vice-versa.
Now,this shield can be removed by sharing a file. What happens is when u share a file,the service provider does not mask the connection and a direct or peer to peer connection is formed. This is the time we attack!!!

So open Yahoo! messenger and start a chat
then send a file,prefer if the other party sends u one
While the file is being shared, open cmd and type netstat-an. This would list all the active connections u r connected with.
In the foriegn address block,the i.p of the other party is shown. Look for anu i.p ending with 5050 or so and copy it down.
Now this is the i.p of the victim.
To check it ping it by typing "ping" and the i.p address. If its alive it would show it
Or u could use any of the hundreds of the sites which trace i.p addresses.

Once u have traced and confirmed the i.p its time u used a port scanner to know the ports to attack
In cmd type net use: h \\ (the person's ip adress)\shareddocs and hit enter. If  everything  goes  well  then you can see a msg saying operation successful or else u need to follow another method.
if it worked then open my computer and u will see a  file named shareddocs.
Open this file  and u r connected to that  victim's system.

If this does not work,then download BRUTUS, it will solve most of your problems. It is the best brute force tool available and is very effective. All u need is to provide the details u noted down earlier and fetch them to brutus. Rest it would work on its own

Hope it worked for you!!! 
comment your experiences and suggestions please!!!


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