Sunday, 11 November 2012

shut up windows!!!

are u tired of windows telling u that ur windows is not genuine??(as if u don't know or u care!!!!)

well here is something that will help u.
its time to tell windows that it's ur machine and u r the boss!!!!

for starters we proceed as---

1. Firstly Open Task Manager.(ctrl+alt+del).

2. In the Task Manager Go on Processes Tab.

3. See for Wgatray.exe File

4. Now Right Click On The wgatray.exe file select the end process tree option. You will see that the message might come back. So that is not permanent Solution.

5. For complete Solution We use The Another Task Manager Which Have Name Anvir Task manager.

6. Use the Anvir Task manager.

7. Now Again See for Wgatray.exe File in Anvir Task manager.

8. After finding the File then Right Click On the File and Choose Kill Process Option

9. After Click On the kill Process.You See the Message Go For permanently.

10. Now We Go For Final Steps.

11. First Go To the C:\WINDOWS\system32 and Search for the fileswgatray.exe & wgalogon.dll.

12. Delete the wgatray.exe File and Rename the wgalogon.dll withwgalogon.lld.

13. After this Go Run Command and Type regedit.exe.

14. In that Window Go to That Path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Window NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon.

15. In this Path You Will See the Winlogon file. Delete It.

16. Message is Permanently Gone.

Remember Do Not Update Again Window.

hope it helped you.

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  1. it was helpfulll thaks... broooodaaaaaa



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