Sunday, 11 November 2012

Stenography-the art of hiding

This post is for all those who like to keep things hidden..........
Stenography,in computers is the was of hiding data inside another file.

Suppose you have a image file that you don't want to be discovered,what you can do is bind with a text file and thus completely hiding its origin...!!!
for example,lets try to hide an image file that contains some data in an innocent notepad text
You have to just make a new folder in any drive of your choice and put the file to be hidden and the covering file both in there.

Suppose i take G: drive,and make a folder test in it and put an image and text file in it namely a.jpg and a.txt
now open the file by typing cd "file name" (without "") and do check if you are in the correct drive or change it.
Now the command is copy/b a.jpg+a.txt y.txt
i.e copy/b file_to_be_hidden+cover_file new file
and that's it, you have successfully done binding your pic in a text file. you can view original by opening it in a photo viewer but the system will show it as a text file


waddya think?